Mixed Meal Pack With Breakfast - COLLECTION ONLY
Mixed Meal Pack With Breakfast - COLLECTION ONLY
Mixed Meal Pack With Breakfast - COLLECTION ONLY

Mixed Meal Pack With Breakfast - COLLECTION ONLY

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Your collection is usually ready to collect within 24 hours or sooner!

You will receive 15 meals in total, 1 standard meal per day, 1 premium meal per day and one breakfast per day. You will save more time, more money over the course of a month with the amount of food we squander on unneeded or even worse unwanted food. If you have 90% of your food intake ready, delivered, you simply don't need to even go looking for it. You are ready!

Our chefs will put you a complete mixed variety of meals into your order to make sure you don't get bored. However you are more than welcome to customise your own meals with us once your order is placed.

PLEASE NOTE THIS PACK IS FOR COLLECTION ONLY FROM OUR KITCHEN IN BIRMINGHAM! You save on shipping costs, materials, fuel and most of all time! Our postcode for collection is B34 7EH.

Proteins: Chicken breast piri-piri, cajun skinless boneless chicken thighs, breadcrumb chicken, steak, teriyaki salmon, sea bass, prawns, steak mince, turkey breast mince, halloumi. 

Carbs: Sweet potato roasters, new potatoes, tumeric rice, pasta, egg noodles.

Veg: broccoli, asparagus, med veg, root veg, herbs, onions, garnish, sweet corn.

Breakfast: Protein overnight oats in various flavours, protein pancakes, granola and greek yogurt, avocado and smoked salmon on ryvita and fresh rocket. Our breakfasts will ensure your body gets off to the right start with a generous portion of protein and nutrients to have you ready for the day ahead.

Allergy Information:

All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten, and other allergens are present! If you have any queries regarding allergen information please email us at orders@prepfood.co.uk

Please note your meal plan is fully customisable to your requirements once your order is placed, we want you to only enjoy the food you like. If you have specifics please select the option for us to get in touch to confirm your order once it is placed.