How do the meals work and what do I get?

Our meals consist of three elements: proteins, carbs and veg. Depending on the meal plan you choose, the protein element will include everything from chicken, salmon to steak. Examples of the carbs in our meals would be sweet potato, rice, new potatoes and noodles. Our veggies are broccoli as standard, then a mix of our root veg, med veg, with an onion and lemon garnish topping. All the meal plans include a mix of the three elements. You get one type of protein, one type of carb and a mix of veg.

Protein + Carb + Veg = PrepFood Meal

The proteins/carbs/veg that you get will vary depending on what meal plan, pack or individual meal you choose. For details on what specific meals you will receive, please refer to our meal plans.

For example, if you order 10 meals, you will get a x number of chicken meals, x number of salmon meals, x number of turkey meals, as described on our meal plans. Your veg is broccoli as standard in all meals and for a split mix of med veg or root veg. Carbs will be a healthy selection that we put together for you. So one of your meals may be chicken, rice and veg. If there are any certain proteins, carbs or vegetables that you don’t eat, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate this into your meals.