Are you ready to save time? Feel better? Eat better? Fight Chronic illness? Obesity? Improve your mental health? Succeed in other areas of your life? And as a freebie we promise you will lose weight! Welcome to PrepFood where we prepare, cook, pack and ship you amazing natural wholesome food full of goodness to help you thirve in all areas of your life!.

Meet the gaffer!

How it works!

Our premium meal range!

These are perfect for an evening meal, or if you require a slightly bigger portion. We don't do hunger, starvation, guilt, and regret at PrepFood. Our food and message is about lifestyle and balance.

Standard meals!

We call them standard but there is nothing standard about them in terms of quality, taste and convenience they bring to your life. The original box tickers, to happily get you through the busiest of days. Our meals are ready when you are, to smash hunger in the face, remove unplanned binging, to allow you to accomplish any goals and much more of what you started for!

Breakfast & Snacks

The most important meal of the day. It isn't called Break-fast by accident. This is the important clog that gets everything moving ready for the day ahead. Make sure it's a meal your body will thank you for. We offer breakfast and snacks as part of our meal plans for the extra convenience and priceless item we can't get back...TIME!

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